The 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia includes a total of 11 cities available in the western half of the country to sponsor the 64 matches. The host cities vary significantly and range from the Russian capital of Moscow to the amazing Saint Petersburg and the magnificent shores of Samara.

Let us take a look at Some of the top cities lovers will see while viewing this epic event:


Moscow is Russia’s largest city having a population of over 16 million individuals. This town has an attractive combination of modern and old styled architecture. Although many will consider Moscow as a cold and icy destination, the true climate is relatively hot, but not overly, which is very good for seeing a game or sightseeing.


Sochi is a famous hotel city situated on the Black Sea. This town has a previous background with successfully hosting sporting events, like the 2014 Winter Olympics. As at top vacation destination, this city has plenty to offer tourists, such as museums, restaurants, nightlife, and wildlife expeditions. Additionally, the neighborhood area is great for the adventurous with exceptional hiking opportunities which have scenery like waterfalls.


Samara is a quite unique Russian city with its long beach that stretches the length of town and among the area’s most significant draws. This is a superb spot to see in the hot summer months. Nevertheless, for sky sports football world cup qualifiers which don’t want to devote time on the shore, there are lots of other attractions including the Aviation Institute and many buildings that display past Soviet architecture.

Saint Petersburg

A trip to Saint Petersburg makes it possible to explore Russia’s second biggest city, which has given inspiration to a lot of artists, artists and writers through the years. Saint Petersburg is a really cosmopolitan city that’s lined with baroque buildings and canals and rivers which thread across the area and can easily be crossed with one of numerous quaint bridges.